T.H.E. Meeting

T.H.E. Meeting is a community of Therapist, Healers, and Educators who share skills, insights, and discussions to expand our individual practices. NewBloomz hosts this monthly meeting, offering a venue for learning various modalities, discussing new possibilities, & imagining collaborative projects to enhance how we engage with clients and our community.


Who is T.H.E. Meeting Community?

Participants include therapists, healers, educators interested in building a community of practitioners. Therapists include those LPCs, LMFTs, LMSWs, LCDCs, massage therapists, yoga therapists, equine assisted psychotherapists, and any one who has a therapeutic practice. Healers include Licensed Acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, herbalists, medical doctors & physicians, chiropractors, grief specialists, alternative medical practitioners. Educators include teachers, mentors, tutors with a broad range of specialty arenas. This list is not exhaustive, and includes members who have an emerging practice, an established practice, or a practice in transformation, as well as those who are beginning to wind down their daily client work, but have Wisdom to share.

For a listing of some of our members and their areas of specialty, please follow this link: The Resource List of practitioners. This list is intended both for professionals networking and for client referrals.

What is T.H.E. Meeting All About?

It is a gathering with a purpose. The meetings will vary, and participation can occur at a variety of levels. Some of the ways we engage at meetings include:

Experiential Sharing: A guest or member leader will present and share an experiential modality. As participants in the meeting we will gain insight into a new practice, how it is used, and will experience the modality at some level. This may include art therapies, sound therapy, yoga postures & practices, meditation exercises, or aroma therapies to name a few. If you have a special skill to share, please sign up to lead us in the experiential process.

Theory & Perspective Discussions: A guest or member leader will present a perspective, theory, or specialty topic. Participants will have opportunities to understand and ask questions to explore the perspective. These discussions may include topics like ethics, Quantum Physics, or working with PTSD clients. Consider your areas of expertise, and sign up to present and host a discussion.

LISTEN, Elder Speaks: These are special meetings where we gather, and are privileged to Listen to an Elder among us or one from the larger community. Elders have a life-time of Wisdom to share with us that will further our experience as practitioners exponentially. Elders are the natural leaders of our community, and T.H.E. Meeting intentionally creates a space and opportunity to listen to this Wise Group of Men and Women.

Whenever possible, CEUs or similar will be available.

Participation also includes conversations and information on our T.H.E. Meeting Facebook Group page. Anyone who is part of our community may post helpful information, videos, articles, or pose questions to the group.

T.H.E. Meeting desires and seeks both membership with a layering of experience, age, gender, and type of practice as well as a multifaceted opportunities in which to participate in this community at various intensities over time.

Certainly, it is also the intention that cohort groups may form and meet privately to further specific types of practices. (For example: Therapist supervision groups.)

When is T.H.E. Meeting Happening?

We typically meet on the first Saturday or Sunday of each month, typically in the early afternoon. The presentation schedule is subject to change (holiday weekends or a presenter’s preference). It is the intent that these meetings are like mini-retreats where practitioners can come into a relaxed setting to fill their cup, replenish, renew, and rejuvenate themselves emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When a therapist, healer, or educator cares deeply for themselves, the ability to care for others grows. The dates and times may change depending on the presentation, and the availability of the leader or Elder. The calendar of events will be updated regularly both on this page and on our Facebook page.

Where is T.H.E. Meeting?

Meetings typically occur at NewBloomz-Wimberley Learning Center located at 501 Old Kyle Rd, Building 2 (metal roof) Wimberley, Texas 78676. Occasionally, a meeting may be held off-site, and that information will be provided in advance.

T.H.E. Presentation Schedule


T.H.E. Resource List