Working Relationships

NewBloomz brings transformational workshops that provide cohesiveness and a sense of community for various professional environments. The work is tailored to the specific needs, time, and budget parameters for your professional group.


Participants in the professional workshops discover and acknowledge their own unique experiences, develop a deeper compassion for others, and learn to merge new skills and insights into their work and personal life. This work can be done over a series of weeks or days to enrich the professional environment and promote a healthy work community for any company including those in the care giving, education, therapeutic, or crisis/emergency intervention fields.




NewBloomz has worked with a variety of professional groups: Nonprofit Boards, Employees/Staff, and School Boards.

Holding an Open Space for Movement toward the Possibilities

Each group is unique, and every group has assets. The possibilities within the group dynamic are infinite. When we commit as a group to being process oriented, mentally flexible, and listening wholeheartedly, the We of our group expands. We are capable of designing an outcome that is beyond our individual imaginations.

We will help generate and enhance the group’s ability to Trust, Surrender, Listen, and Create. Together, we will explore untapped resources and potentials, as we build relationships and community in an ever changing world.

NewBloomz has helped clients tackle a variety of issues including:

  • Mission & Vision Repurposing
  • Capacity & Infrastructure Building
  • Policy Development & Assessment
  • Organizational Cultural Awareness
  • Personal Growth
  • Care for the Caregiver
  • Community Building

We offer a free 1-hour consultation to professional development clients.