A Hangout for Courageous Hearts

It is a chance to recognize the burdens you have been carrying, unload them, and feel the grace and freedom of The Greater Mercy. We practice compassion for self and others; deep, nonjudgmental, listening; and emotional honesty.


When we decide to make steps toward our own healing and growth, it impacts everything. NewBloomz provides personal growth workshops and classes based in the perspective of The Greater Mercy and our relationship to loss and compassion. If you are ready to address heavy burdens, make changes in your relationships, and find more balance in your world, consider participating in some of our workshops. We believe in and establish a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental space so that all participants can freely engage in transformational personal work.


Four Directions Grief Recovery offers a safe, confidential environment where you can increase your awareness & examine old beliefs about dealing with loss; find acceptance & consider the various losses that have affected your life; and take actions that will lead you to complete unresolved emotions that may still be causing you pain. We offer group and individual sessions.

The group class is not a drop-in class, but an 8-week group format that is supportive of your unique loss. Individual sessions to complete the course can also be arranged.

Four Directions Weekend Retreat is designed for individuals who want participate in transformational work. This work is ideal for therapists, educators, spiritual leaders, healers, or anyone who wants to intentionally deepen their compassion for themselves and others, and for those who want to work on grief and loss issues, but cannot attend the 8-week course.


Human beings are not meant to carry heavy burdens, broken hearts, or great pain. We are also not meant to keep bliss and joy to ourselves. If you are curious about finding more freedom, contact us.