In an Ever-Changing World

What have you been imagining to make this world a better place? Do you have a collaborative project in mind? Or a project that will positively impact the community?
NewBloomz will help guide your project into reality. We can do great things together.


NewBloomz has partnered with nonprofits, local businesses and schools, and individuals from the community on a variety of projects that have had a positive impact on the community. Our active projects include:


Camp Good Sam Wimberley is a youth program of Good Samaritan Community Services. Good Samaritan has partnered with NewBloomz to advance this important resource for at-risk youth and their families. This 6-week summer camp provides academic enrichment and food stability for youth at-risk for summer learning loss. We will help develop financial resources, recruit volunteers, and engage Wimberley 1st-5th graders in Camp Good Sam-Wimberley.

Get involved and help provide programming for 110 youth for Camp Good Sam 2018 #bealight 


It Takes A Village is community project broker. This community collective facilitates projects that support, inspire, and elevate youth and their potential. Inspired By Possibility & Powered By People. Membership is open, and Project Leaders are community members who have projects ideas that support the goals of this collective. NewBloomz approves projects, manages membership lists and social media presence, and promotes projects via  the FaceBook page and email distribution list.No Politics, No Drama, No Egos.

One of our most successful projects to date is the National Take Back Prescription Drug Day. We partner with WISD, local law enforcement, Keep Wimberley Beautiful, and the City of Wimberley for this event each April and October since 2015. This important event keeps unused prescription and over the counter drugs off the streets and ensures that they are disposed of properly and in an environmentally conscientious way.

Keep up with what It Takes A Village is doing on our Facebook page, or contact me if you have a project that needs community support.

Imagine What Happens When
We Imagine Together


We are living in a virtual, complex, and challenging world. The technology and resources abound but often overwhelm. The community connections and relationships are not as obvious as they used to be. The obstacles and dilemmas are constantly changing or often uncertain.

In partnership with community leaders and within the flow of technology, WE can creatively navigate these new waters. NewBloomz can help you design networked structures and build dynamic relationships. NewBloomz brings together industry leaders from the nonprofit, for profit, and community organizations to strengthen relationships, develop collaborative projects, and build community as part of the evolving nature of our world.

If you are imagining a community project, event, or opportunity, contact me. We can bring together the various leaders and resources that can make it happen.